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Recently, the importance of sensor technology has been increased dramatically. Spread of bacteria and viruses could be highly reduced or prevented by the use of sensor products. Various related products like sensor taps, sensor soap / sanitizer dispensers, etc. are being manufactured. In previous years, automatic faucets could only be found at few places like large shopping malls, cinemas, top hotels, etc. but now they have gained immense popularity and importance due to the ongoing pandemic.

Geberit Washbasin Taps –  Stunning and Sophisticated

Optimal Planning Reliability – For Wall-mounted Taps Too

Elegant and touchless wall-mounted taps, clean washbasins, and enough space between them to wash your hands: this image is often precisely what sanitary engineers, architects and operators envisage when planning public or semi-public sanitary facilities projects. The reason why we see so few electronic wall-mounted taps, despite these advantages, is relatively banal: There has been practically no solution so far for planning them safely and installing them without errors.


Timeless, Elegant Design

The Geberit washbasin tap models, Piave and Brenta, designed by London-based design studio, Christoph Behling Design, feature an incredibly slim, timeless and elegant form. Both versions are available as wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps and can be combined with practically any washbasin design.

The beautiful tap housings are made of chrome-plated brass. The water is guided through a reinforced plastic hose that extends from the functional unit in the function box to the tap aerator on the tap outlet. This ensures that the quality of the potable water is not impaired at any point in the tap system.

High Loads

Electronic washbasin taps are primarily used in sanitary facilities in public and semi-public buildings such as airports, shopping centres, schools or restaurants. These taps have to be reliable in highly frequented places in particular and must be able to withstand a lot, including rough use. Selecting the right solution is therefore particularly important for reliable function.

Wide Range Covering Virtually Every Area of Application

The Geberit tap system is available for mains or battery operation as well as for self-sustaining power supply via a generator unit.

Furthermore, the models can be equipped with or without a mixer. Their bright chrome-plated surfaces and compact design make the washbasin taps easy to clean and maintain as well as attractive to look at. Separate system solutions are available for special applications such as decentralised storage water heaters.

Geberit Urinal System – Suits Every Need

Full Flexibility – Coordinated Design

All components such as urinal ceramics, traps and urinal flush controls are optimally coordinated with one another within the Geberit urinal system. Thus you get all the benefits from a single source. The comprehensive product range considerably simplifies the planning, installation and, in particular, maintenance of urinal systems.

Diverse Advantages

  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Still reliable when under frequent use
  • Designed for minimal flush volumes
  • Easy to service – all functional components are accessible without removing the ceramic
  • Dynamic flush mode and precise flush for economical but efficient use of water
  • Available as waterless models
  • Integrated Bluetooth® interface for connection with the Geberit Control App and the Geberit Home App
  • Settings, status and statistics mode can be accessed via the Geberit apps (no need to demount the ceramic appliance)

Geberit Urinal Flush Control

In public and semi-public areas, safe and reliable operation of urinal systems is particularly important. All urinal flush controls from Geberit are therefore intended for a high degree of functional reliability. You can select from three different operating modes:

Integrated Urinal Flush Control – Plug and Play


  • Easy access to the control unit thanks to the docking station
  • The urinal flush control, power supply and solenoid valve are compactly integrated into the control unit
  • Power supply according to preference: mains, battery operation or self-sustaining with the integrated generator

Concealed Urinal Control

  • Touchless with IR technology
  • Manually pneumatic
  • Large selection of different cover plates
  • Design matched to the WC actuator plates

Geberit Urinal Traps

  • High discharge rate
  • Low odour emission
  • Thanks to the uniform interfaces, the operating mode can be switched from flushed to waterless at any time
  • Easy to service

Geberit Touchless WC Flush Controls – Hygienic , Convenient, Simply Safe

Hygienic, clean and well flushed-domestic, semi-publics and publics WCs are always inviting to users with safe, touchless solutions for WC flush activation ensure the reliable actuation of a flush after every use.

  • Reliable proximity detection
  • Adjustable pre-flush and interval flush for the strictest hygienic requirements
  • For dual flush
  • Can be triggered manually in the event of power failure
  • Safe operation with extra-low voltage
  • Battery version for trouble-free retrofitting

Meet The Strictest Requirements

Geberit WC flush controls are typically actuated automatically and touchlessly when the WC user leaves, or by a hand motion near the visible IR sensor. In the event of a power failure, manual actuation is also possible. In this way the WC flush controls meet the strictest hygiene requirements. In the event of a power failure, manual actuation is also possible. In this way the WC flush controls meet the strictest hygiene requirements and the dual flush function meets the necessity and wish for saving water.

Reliable Proximity Detection

The emitted IR beam is reflected by the user and picked up by the position receiver. If the user is outside the detection range, he is not picked up. In contrast to conventional processes, which measure the intensity of the reflected light beam, this active proximity detection guarantees that the user is reliably detected even if he is wearing black clothing and in changing light conditions.

Perfectly Hygienic with Pre-flush and Interval Flush

In addition to the automatic flush or flush actuated by a hand motion, a pre-flush can also be programmed, which triggers a flush before use when the user approaches the WC. A permanently adjustable interval flush, which prevents stagnation in the drinking water pipe, likewise ensures increased cleanliness and improved hygiene.

Secure Power Supply

For maximum safety during installation and operation, Geberit WC flush controls work with extra-low voltage and plug connections equipped with cross-polarity protection. Individual settings can also be made at a later date with the Geberit Service Handy. IR controls and servomotors are pre-mounted. Sigma10 actuator plates with infrared windows can be screwed on quickly and easily.

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