Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel is a highly effective supply system and can be used for diverse mediums. Geberit places the highest requirements during manufacture. The high molybdenum content, as an example, ensures a particularly high corrosion resistance. The result is plain to see – a million times over.


ARON pipe and fittings keep high corrosion resistance against various kinds of chemical and therefore, they may be used semi permanently without damage by corrosion.


The universal hardware & plastic factory ltd has been engaging in plastic pipe & fitting p[roducttion business since 1961


Crane Copper Tube is an international supplier of a wide range of plumbing, refrigeration, air-conditioning and medical gas tube. Crane Copper Tube supplies quality copper tube in accordance with many international Standards.


DECO provides a comprehensive copper tube , cast iron and ductile iron pipe & fittings, All products are conformed to British and other major national standards (ISO, EN, BSEN, etc.) DECO is particularly suitable for the use in government and private projects as well as in works of public utilities and hospitals in Hong Kong.


F.Q.R. FRATTINI S.R.L. is a modern company run by the Ferruccio Frattini family that has been operating in this industry for over 60 years, making water fittings, flexible connecting hoses, valves, pull-out flexible hoses for kitchens and hairdressers.


The Lawton Tube Company Limited is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of copper tube.


Pegler is a truly worldwide market leading brand for commercial valves, with a history and pedigree that is second to none. The traditional methods of tube connection together with Tectite, XPress and Henco adaptations ensures that the Pegler brand continues to have a market leading portfolio.


Prestex compression comprises of a select range of brass compression fitting in sizes 8 to 54mm with specific items also available with a chromium plate finish. The range also covers our standard plumbing valves.


Tectite is a world class push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls delivering cost savings as a result of its speed of installation and a combination of push fit jointed technology across a range of materials – copper and PEX. The ultimate performer.


Established in 1942, Goodyear Hardware Corp. is a famous high quality copper fittings manufacturer.


Exceptional in every sense, and with a reputation second to none, the extremely versatile Yorkshire range can be applied to virtually every situation from light domestic to commercial.